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Registration Problem for Civil Society organizations in Azerbaijan


Paper has been prepared by Mr.Razi Nurullayev, senior expert with “REGION” International Analytical Center (RIAC). The paper is about common rejection reasons for NGOs registration with the Minsitry of Justice. Many rejection reasons are reiterated in many letters addressed to NGOs by the Ministry. 


In the registration of NGOs

  1. Not indication of competences of a deputy chairman
  2. According to the article 5 of the Law “On Non-Governmental Organisations (public unions and foundations)”, not indicating the establishment of non-governmental organizations on permanent or temporary basis or to achieve specific objectives;
  3. Not indicating the rights of its members to appeal to the court;
  4. According to the article 5.4 of the Law “On state registration and state register of legal entities”, not submitting the decision on establishment of entity and approval of charter; Read more »